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The Best Vinted Bot

We developed the best Vinted bot on the market so that you stop wasting time and money and start automating your tasks to focus on making real $$$.

Our Vinted Bots

We have developed two bots depending on what you are looking for. One is similar to a virtual assistant through a Chrome extension, the other is a Discord bot sending you notifications.

Chrome Extension


Get the most advanced Chrome extension for Vinted 


Bump all your listings in one click


Automate your legit follower acquisition process


Create message patterns, send them in bulk to your follower


Create your listings faster than ever before



Join our Discord server and start getting notifications


Target your searches accurately


Instant crawl of products URLs and get a notification


Unlimited searches with no restrictions


Boost the views your products are getting



For those who wish to benefit from both our bots


Bump all your listings in one click


Target your searches accurately and quickly


Get all functionalities from both bots


Unlimited searches with no restrictions

How Does Our Vinted Bot Work?

Here are the three tasks you will be able to save plenty of time on

Bump Your Listings

For each new product that you are putting up for sale on Vinted it will rank at the top of the search results. To maintain it at the top you will need to pay for bumps which will cost you roughly 1 euro every 3 days.

using Vintbot, you will be able to instantly bump all of your listings by simply creating copies of your products. Not only will you save plenty of times but it’s also money you won’t be spending on your bumps!

More Followers

The more followers you have the more views your listings will get, which will considerably increase your chances of closing a sale. Mass follow other users so that they receive a notification and check out your store.

Vintbot will allow you to do just that. You can add thousands of people automatically and quickly. You will save hours worth of time and focus and what really brings money in.

Auto Messages

Find and engage with your audience with Vinted in-app messages. Got a flash sale going on or you just added a discount to one of your products? Let your followers know to close a quick sale.

Using Vintbot, you will be able to automate most of that process will still keeping a high level of customization for each of your clients.



What Do They Think About Our Vinted Bot

“I’m mostly doing bulk et it’s been a while that I had been looking for a bot to automate my tasks on Vinted. Vintbot clearly helps me save both time and money”


“I was really starting to waste a lot of my time with my listings and contacting my followers manually. The message automatisation is a real game changer”


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